The Ocean

0:00 - 2:20:

Subject 006 walks away from the city. He follows the less populated roads to avoid people. The sun begins to rise. It's his first sunset, but he's too drained to appreciate it.

Hours later, he arrives at a train station.

2:20 - 3:48:

In the train station, Subject 006 sits against a wall with no people nearby. He closes his eyes.

He wakes to a tap on the shoulder. In front of him is a young boy, 9 years old. He looks concerned. He asks Subject 006 if he is okay. Subject 006 shakes his head, and the boy sits down next to him. They sit in silence for a time. The boy, Timothy, eventually asks if Subject 006 has ever been to the ocean.

Voice Feed:

No, no more I am done I am empty I've seen enough No matter what Something's always missing Who are you? What's this place, You call the ocean? Well, it sounds nice But I don't know how I'd ever make it there

3:48 - 4:17:

Timothy hands Subject 006 his train ticket and says that his father surely has more. Subject 006 thanks him, crying from the sudden kindness. Timothy presents his hand and they shake.

4:17 - 6:13:

Subject 006 boards the train. Timothy waves at him and Subject 006 waves back. As the train pulls away from the city, Subject 006 feels more optimistic. Timothy's description of the ocean was infectious. He smiles as the city shrinks behind him.

Voice Feed:

So I'm on my way To a better place As I ride this train And the buildings pull away And I'm on my way To a safer place As I ride this train And the City's shrinking I'm on my way And I'm not sure where But I feel okay Now there's nothing back that way

6:13 - 8:28:

Subject 006 arrives on the shore. He walks up to the water and stares out at the horizon. He loses track of the time. He feels calm watching the waves, and forgets his bruises and aches.

An elderly man approaches him. Subject 006 starts to back away, but stops. The man looks intensely familiar. He feels he knows him, and his instinct is to hug him. The elderly man is looking at him the same way.

Finally he speaks.

"I'm sorry if this sounds strange, but you look exactly like my son."

The End