The Fields

0:00 - 2:00:

Subject 006, having escaped The Laboratory, finds himself in nature for the first time. Surrounded first by trees, he follows a path and steps into a field. He is in awe of it. His thoughts are erratic from excitement.

Voice Feed:

So now I fall All the sudden And I fall into the dirt, the sky, the wind, the light, the palisades Oh, the thundermouth! The thunder … it's open - An animal is startled off All in unison but it's all still separate Multum in parvo Am I apart of this? Or am I foreign? An alien component? No mind. Gorgeous colors color my eyes. Gorgeous color my eyes. I'm alone. And I'm a part of this, too. I am what I choose. Today.

2:00 - 3:35:

Subject 006 bursts into a run. He smells flowers, runs his hands along trees, stumbles down hills, smiles at the birds and other wildlife.

3:35 - 5:30:

Subject 006 experiences exhaustion for the first time. New to the sensation, he wonders whether he's breaking. He rests against a tree and falls asleep.

Voice Feed:

Limbs, warm and leaden. Pulse is running from my wrists to heaven. My heartbeat in the clouds. All is slowing down, here on the ground. I am very well spent. So. Am I breaking? Is this normal? Catch my breath. Take a rest. My eyelids tumble down. Just a minute. Mr. Tree, can I lay with you awhile?

5:30 - 6:53:

Subject 006 is asleep, and experiences his first dream. It is full of memories that are familiar, but he cannot place them. They feel like a part of him, but he can't say why. He wonders if he inherited them from his “father”, Atticus.

6:53 - 7:35:

Subject 006 is startled awake. He opens his eyes to a long procession of people. They are walking through the field single file. They ask Subject 006 if he is in line. He doesn't understand the question, but decides to follow the group. The men and women in line are disheveled, tired, sad, or angry. The leads to a crowd in front of an isolated stage.

Voice Feed:

Are you in line? Am I in line?

7:35 - 8:32:

A man in white clothing steps onto the stage, his arms spread wide. The people begin to sing and chant as he approaches. Behind him are four cloaked figures. They walk strangely. The Mad Preacher hushes the crowd and says:

Voice Feed:

Come my faithless, come my mad! Bring your broken hearts! Bring you missing teeth in bags! Oh, you know you're never gonna use them old parts! Count your curses, count them twice! We're all innocent! So come and get what you get!

8:32 - 9:00:

From behind The Mad Preacher, the four figures shed their hoods. They are not men, but clusters of small, nearly featureless creatures. They tear the followers to pieces, stuffing their severed body parts into bags. No one resists. The Mad Preacher smiles. Subject 006 is horrified. The sacrifice is brutal and quick. He yet again runs.

9:00 - 9:42:

Subject 006 is a good distance from the cult and their stage. He catches his breath beneath a tree, wondering about what he just witnessed. He's left shaken and unnerved. He hopes that the people are all okay.

Voice Feed:

What was that all? Oh, what went wrong? Who were all those bodies? Cold and colorless But moving Tongues and limbs Toward the monster And now they're gone I don't know where to But I hope they're happy All in unison. But there's that sound again …

9:42 - End:

Subject 006 hears the creatures again. He runs, this time even faster.

Later, he descends a hill and finds the entrance to an abandoned subway tunnel, disused, dirty, and lit only by blinking safety lights. He steps inside and follows it into The City.

End of Act 2