The City, Nighttime Part 2

0:00 - 0:55:

Subject 006 opens his eyes. It is late and the house is still. He is in a bedroom upstairs. He is stiff from The Spider's beating. The doorknob turns. The Madame enters quietly, closing the door behind her. She's carrying Subject 006's clothes. She prompts him to get dressed.

Voice Feed:

Wake up No words Shhh Don't cry Follow me Be Hasty Walk Light Tip Toes Through Here Watch your feet The third one creeks

0:55 - 2:03:

She leads Subject 006 through the house, careful not to make noise. He follows, but he is wary. He asks if she is going to hurt him, too. The Madame looks sad when she answers him.

Voice Feed:

Who are you? Is this another trick? And what do you want? And will it hurt? I'm a fallen angel I'm here to help you leave I'm sorry for your loss This wasn't supposed to be Why'd they do that to me? Just let it be. Outside That door You'll find A trail of stones To Follow That's it That's as far as I can go You're on your own My darling, Goodbye

2:03 - 4:00:

Subject 006 is in a dark alleyway. He looks back to see The Madame still watching him. She looks sad still. He wonders what will happen to her for letting him escape. She shoos him away, and he obeys.

He walks quickly, his soreness more pronounced now. He is happy to be away from The Spider, but he does not know where he is. The dark alley feeds into another, then another. It feels like a labyrinth. Dirty men and women watch him pass. Some ask him for change, others just stare. He quickens his pace.

4:00 - 6:52:

He emerges onto the city streets. Street lights flicker, offering little light. Groups of men, some with mechanical limbs or other modifications, crowd around flaming trash barrels. Graffiti litters the walls. Everyone moves about in groups and gangs. Subject 006's instincts tell him to keep quiet and not make eye contact.

6:52 - 8:43:

Subject 006 steps into an alley to catch his breath. He stops abruptly. His brothers, The Defects, are all standing in the alley, as though hiding. They are poorly dressed. Subject 001, the oldest and lowest functioning of them, is still naked. They see Subject 006 just as he spots them. They appear happy to see him, but Subject 006 feels uneasy. He keeps his distance. As they approach, he backs away. Anger flashes in the eyes of Subject 005. Each is always jealous of the newest iteration, for they were the best before the newer version was born. The anger continues down the chain. When The Defects speak, their voices are monotone. Only Subject 001 does not speak during the confrontation.

Voice Feed:

Hello Good evening, Brother We've been looking for you Stay together Together like family Good Brother, evening, hello We've been looking for us Aren't you glad that we found us? Aren't we glad we found us? Don't worry you can trust us We're all cut from the same cloth Why do you back away now? You're just a copy like us! You always were his favorite What makes you so much better? You're just a copy like us! Father always loved you best! Father always loved you best! Father always loved you best! Father always loved you best! But look who's in charge now …

8:43 - 9:38:

The Defects run for Subject 006. They grab at him and try to pull him down. Subject 006 kicks at them, fighting back for the first time.

9:38 - 10:01:

Subject 001 gets between Subject 006 and the others. He has trouble forming words, but he defends his youngest brother.

Voice Feed:

Isn't he just like us? Isn't he what we're supposed to be? But we never will

10:01 - 10: 55:

Subject 002 - 005 rage at this comment. Being the most defective, Subject 001 has no right to challenge them. They push him to the ground. Subject 006 backs away, horrified as his brothers stomp Subject 001 to death.

Subject 006 vomits in the mouth of the alley. Then yet again, he runs.

End of Act Five