The City, Nighttime Part 1

0:00 - 3:06:

Subject 006 rides in The Old Man's car. The Old Man offered Subject 006 a place to sleep for a few days and Subject 006 accepted.

They drive to the outskirts of the city. The people here look tired, disheveled and unfriendly. The buildings, too, are run-down. Some sagging, some boarded and abandoned. They pull up to a house at the end of a dark avenue. It is large and doesn't match its surroundings. Subject 006 follows The Old Man inside. He's led to a white room, empty accept for a bed with dirty sheets, a camera, 3 bright lights, and a dark window that looks into the room.

Once in the room, The Old Man asks Subject 006 to follow some instructions. The requests make Subject 006 increasingly uncomfortable, but Subject 006 does not know how to refuse.

Voice Feed (scattered):

Is this your house? Yes, please. Okay. Thank you. What does that mean? No. I … I don't think so. Why would someone look for me? What's wrong with my clothes? Who are those people watching?

3:06 - 4:00:

An ill feeling rises in Subject 006. He's upset by what The Old Man is requesting, of what the men behind the glass wish to see. He attempts to dress himself.

Voice Feed:

No this feels off. Not right Something's gone out of place Can't seem to shake This feeling something's breaking Thank you for all you've done But I'd like to leave now Could you move from the door?

4:00 - 4:11:

The Old Man's demeanor abruptly changes. He no longer looks kind, and he moves differently. He no longer appears old, just big and threatening. Subject 006 shrinks away from him, backing against the wall.

Voice Feed:

Who. Do. You. Think. You. Are?

4:11 - 5:05:

The Spider, as Subject 006 now sees The Old Man, begins to hurt Subject 006, berating him as he does it.

Voice Feed:

I suppose a helping hand doesn't mean much to someone like you? Greedy claws, oh, I know your kind! Always leeching like leeches! Waiting for a handout at every open. Well, I'm not gonna be the fool this time. You got yours; now you're mine.

5:05 - 5:32:

Subject 006 tries ineffectively to escape his beating. The Trickster's words play over and over in his mind.

Now you're mine.

5:32 - 6:38:

The Spider continues to rage and throw Subject 006 around the room. The onlookers applaud. Subject 006's mind and body burn with the adrenaline. Bruises show quickly on his pale, new skin. He's eventually left shaking and crying on the bed. The Spider says he doesn't like doing this, but Subject 006 must learn to mind his elders. Subject 006 does not hear him.

6:38 - 8:47:

Subject 006 stares blankly on the the bed. The blood from his nose and mouth stain the pillow beneath him.

Voice Feed:

Oh, I'm hollow How I fall? Oh, I am burning While I freeze Right now I'd rather be Anyone but me So this is regret

Take this away Take them away Take me away

8:47 - End:

A woman smoking a cigarette watches Subject 006 though a crack in the doorway. The Madame, as she is known, observes him for a long time. She feels things she had considered long dead: pity, remorse, and a strong desire to protect this helpless man.

Voice Feed:

What do we have here? A foolish young boy In a man's body Eyes made for toys This one's too open No dirt on his hands This place will break him With no resistance And this time it's wrong

End of Act Four