The City, Daytime

0:00 - 1:30:

Subject 006 ventures down the abandoned tunnel. The dark is near complete, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. He stumbles toward it.

1:30 - 3:12:

Subject 006's eyes burn from the light. Once his vision clears, he sees people, cars, vendors, impossibly tall buildings. He's fascinated by all the commotion. He wanders through it, slowly getting swept up.

Voice Feed:

So this tunnel has an end So bright my eyes can't open Vision fades to normal now What's that overwhelming sound? Who are all these people here? Should I be afraid of them? Some are trapped in strange machines Some are going inside buildings Towers surround me Where did all this come from? No one seems to notice me They're on their way to I don't know where They all move so rapidly No one looks the same at all So many things are living here I wonder where they all came from? This energy is filling me Fall into a sea of people Movement surrounds me Follow the current now!

3:12 - 5:05:

Subject 006 moves through the business district. It is rush hour. He starts to discern that each person here has a purpose. He mimics them as best he can.

Voice Feed:

So now I understand Everybody must do something Some will open doors and some shake hands Some will sleep outside Some just stare off into nothing I will open doors I will see what's inside trash cans I will often ride the moving stairs Now I understand Everybody must do something

5:05 - 8:06:

The sky quickly darkens. Heavy clouds loom overhead. It sprinkles, then rains. Everyone goes indoors, and the commotion dies quickly. Subject 006 continues walking the streets. He shivers from the cold.

Voice Feed:

Did I have it wrong? Now everyone's gone When the water fell from the sky Now I'm alone The world is gray and my skin is cold And my clothes are all heavy now Is it something that I have done? Did I not understand? Everything's wet and shiny now Is this what they don't want? This water is cleaning us It's not so bad after all It's not so bad after all

8:06 - 9:14:

An older gentleman watches Subject 006 from a nearby doorway, smoking a pipe. He's large-framed, well-dressed and standing in the mouth of a poorly kept antique store. When he speaks, his voice is raspy, but friendly. He smiles easily. He asks Subject 006 to join him inside.

Voice Feed:

Hey there, kid Lovely weather tonight Like the gods are all pissing from high What you doing out there? You trying to drown? Follow me, step inside, and settle down I don't know what to think of all this It's just rain It'll be gone in a bit Come inside, near the fire, take a seat I know just what you need Though, I feel much better now But why? Why did you help me out? Why do dogs bite? Why is blood red? That's just what friends are for!

9:14 - End:

The Old Man makes Subject 006 some tea and gives him a blanket. As Subject 006 warms up, The Old Man entertains him with stories. Subject 006 does not understand most of the references, but smiles politely whenever the man laughs. Subject 006 does not recognize the greed building in The Old Man's eyes.

Voice Feed:

Quiet, please Trust in me, boy I know what you're good for

End of Act 3